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A Class Above, A Step Beyond

At the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula, Los Cabos is a top vacation destination. Stunning scenery, relaxing breezes, blue water adventure, or a romantic getaway may lead you to make the investment of a lifetime - a Del Mar luxury villa.  

While there are other options for luxury resort-style living worldwide, We are one of the few companies that can truly provide peace of mind to our homeowners through our six core offerings which will allow you to invest with confidence - Real Estate, Property Management, Rental, HOA, IT+ Connect, and Renovations and Construction. Del Mar, a Hatfiled Company, offers an exclusive selection of luxury villas in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, one of the world's most beautiful and highly-sought resort destinations. Our properties are constructed for those who want the ultimate in comfort, leisure, and security. 

Whether you purchase a home or enjoy an extended stay at one of our exclusive villas, you are our esteemed guest at Del Mar. Our residences represent the epitome of Cabo's luxury home market and our team has unparalleled expertise in creating extraordinary memories for our guests and owners. When you invest with us, you are guaranteed a world-class experience to exceed your expectations. 

How We Make A Difference at Del Mar 

Our People, Our Promise

You deserve outstanding service. That's why we are here — to provide you with skilled assistance and unique benefits that will make your life easier. We remove all the inconveniences of vacationing or home ownership in Cabo. 

We are the Del Mar Difference! With over 25 years of experience in Los Cabos, Mexico, and 100+ employees to service and support your needs and requirements, we have highly knowledgeable and trained executives, managers, and staff to help with all aspects of leisure and maintenance to ensure your standards are met and exceeded. As a company, we obtain competitive pricing that also meets the required tax and labor laws to help protect you and your property. We are a professional organization that respects and always operates within the legal requirements of Mexican law in all areas including accounting and human resources. We continue to invest in our operations, including equipment, improved installations, software, and staff training. And most importantly, we are a top preferred employer in Los Cabos. All our working family members are provided a stable salary with excellent benefits. We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve salaries and benefits which help us retain capable, competent, and valuable team members that our communities depend upon. Our overall employee tenure average is 15 years. 

What's more, our Cabo luxury villa rentals come with a variety of amenities and services that are designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to make a difference in your life, and we believe that starts with providing you with an amazing vacation or ownership experience. The key principles that set Del Mar apart from the competition are: 


Your Home, Built to the Highest Standards by Del Mar Development


A Cabo luxury villa is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. That's why we take care in handcrafting each property we build. 

We believe that a Cabo luxury home or villa should be an investment for future generations, and our construction standards reflect that commitment to legacy. We also know that Los Cabos is a unique destination with its own style and specifications. Our homes are designed with this in mind, in particular, to take advantage of the climate and landscape, and highlight the region's exceptional culture and style. All our homes are built to maximize the sight lines to your exceptional views and ensure your privacy. 

Our Legacy: 

  • Visionary Design, Luxury, and Lifestyle  
  • Preeminent Developer in Los Cabos  
  • Homes Built to the Highest Quality Standards by Master Craftsmen  
  • Legacy Properties with Enduring Value for Generations  
  • US-Level Engineering, Architecture, and Landscaping Expertise  
  • Mexican Artisan Craftsmanship  
  • Remodeling & Renovation Services  
  • Interior Design Services  
  • A one-year warranty on our work 

As you walk through the door, you will know that your home is special. Our team of master craftsmen uses only the highest quality materials and construction techniques to create homes that are beautiful and durable. We can also bring your ideas to life with a custom build or renovation, making a home that is personalized to your specifications and imagination.

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Sale & Marketing Experts of Del Mar Real Estate

your guide, your partner

Our professional real estate sales and marketing teams work side by side focused solely on Del Mar Development Communities. We’ve been together from the beginning, from the ground up we have marketed and sold over 240 homes with Developer Ron Hatfield. 

We work with you from the beginning of your purchase process and will be your dedicated representatives through the sale of your home. We continuously monitor the market and relay information to you, ensuring that your home is accurately represented in the marketplace and you are kept up to date at all times. Your home will be actively marketed to qualified buyers.

We deliver a seamless sale from listing to closing. Here's how it's done:

  • We'll develop a marketing strategy specific to your property and optimize your property's value better than anyone else.
  • We provide complete transparency to every one of our clients through monthly reports of all traffic/showings of your home. No more guesswork on how your listing is performing. We make it easy for you to track our efforts.
  • We have all the right connections to execute a seamless closing process and take the complexity out of buying and selling real estate in Mexico.
  • Our first-class Del Mar Real Estate agents each have their own personal databases and have the contacts of motivated buyers all around the world.
  • We are experts in getting your home in front of qualified buyers, quickly and beautifully. We know what works and how your home should be presented. Even better, we have the connections. How? Because we're a team of the finest, most seasoned luxury real estate agents selling within the gates of Del Mar.
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Making Your Property Work for You at Del Mar Destinations


At Del Mar Destinations, we partner with you to maximize your return on your investment. As your personal property hosts and professional rental management team, we bring the same level of care and attention to your property and guests as if we were the homeowner ourselves. 

As your Vacation Rental Property hosts, we will ensure that your home is promoted online and the guest experience is managed every step of the way to build you a first-class reputation. We manage all the details including guest communications, internet marketing, calendar management, services coordination, and much more. Del Mar Destinations will exceed your guest’s expectations so they will return year after year, refer their friends and family, and write glowing reviews about their vacation experience. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that we will take care of the guests and your home with the highest standards of care, professionalism, and hospitality.  

Del Mar also has strategic partnerships with top US travel agents and Small Luxury Hotels of the WorldTM.

We use four pillars for success: 

  • A powerful online marketing program to generate leads 
  • A professional guest inquiry and sales process to win bookings 
  • The professional hosting of your guest from inquiry to review 
  • Your outstanding home with a deluxe amenities package  

World-Class Property Management by Del Mar 365


When you own a home within a Del Mar Community you own in one of the finest residential resort developments in the world.

We are Baja's largest and longest-running property management company, offering unrivaled service and knowledge of the Cabo area. Our lifeblood of over 100 exemplary employees, We are perfectly positioned to help you with anything from personal home asset management to preventative maintenance or concierge services.  

Our commitment to carefree ownership starts with our property management department. For every villa, there is a single point of contact. The Professional Guest Service Manager assigned to each home is the “go-to” person that oversees all the needs of the homeowner and their guests at Del Mar. A secondary team member is assigned as back-up to ensure complete support 365 days a year.  

 Our comprehensive services are designed to give you peace of mind, whether you are a part-time resident or live in Cabo full-time. We take care of everything so you can enjoy your property without worry. Our fully trained staff is here to analyze and address your needs: 

  • Personal Home Asset Management 
  • Concierge Select Services 
  • Home Maintenance 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Vehicle Maintenance 

Del Mar is the Cabo partner you can trust with trained professionals and a commitment to excellence.  


Superior communications Services & Support with Del Mar Connect

Be here, be connected

Del Mar understands communication is key to any successful relationship, which is why we invested in our telecommunications infrastructure and were the first residential community with a fiber optic system anywhere in Latin America. We have put together a team of experts to ensure that you are always connected. 

No matter if you are enjoying an unplugged holiday or working remotely, we have experts available 24/7 to help assist with any network emergencies. In addition, we offer a wide range of communication services to make sure that you are always connected to your property. We provide high-speed wireless internet access in all of our homes and villas and VoIP telephone service for crystal clear calling throughout Los Cabos, Canada, the US, and beyond. Other features include: 

  • High Definition TV 
  • More than 60 US TV Channels 
  • East/West Coast Cable Feeds 
  • Sales, Upgrades, and Installations of the Latest Technologies 

We offer the private Del Mar Connect telephone line for reliable telecommunications, and our on-staff IT specialists are always available to help with any computer or audio/visual needs you may have. From setting up your home entertainment system to maintaining your network, we are here to ensure that you never lose connection. This level of service and support that Del Mar offers its clients is unmatched within the community.

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Unparalleled Leadership with Del Mar Homeowner's Assocition

Many neighborhoods, One Community

The HOA of Villas Del Mar is compromised of 16 enclaves located within the legendary 1000-acre master-planned development of Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico. Our comprehensive HOA manages the administration, operations, security, and maintenance of Villas Del Mar and Espiritu at Palmilla, and offers homeowner services that are unique to our community. The HOA keeps a watchful eye on our development to ensure a safe, beautiful, and harmonious environment that you are happy to call home. 

Unlike any other HOA, we provide two categories of service. One category maintains the community shared areas and the infrastructure and the other category provides services directly to you and your personal home by maintaining architectural standards, providing home damage insurance, monitoring service providers within our guests, and ultimately providing better controls and security for the community as a whole. 

We provide safe, carefree living with 24/7/365 manned gated security with additional roaming security personnel, and a comprehensive monitored camera surveillance system. Additionally, you can feel safe with a 24/7/365 Emergency Medical Response Paramedic, an on-call, bilingual Medical Doctor, and Chief Medical Officer. 

We are able to exclusively provide a comprehensive Master Home Insurance Program from Lloyds of London. Only Del Mar homes are insured under this policy. 

Del Mar Luxury Homes

It's Easy to Call Del Mar Home

Del Mar is proud to offer the finest selection of luxury villas in Los Cabos. With an experienced team and a passion for excellence, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality Cabo real estate available in all aspects of purchase, design and construction, maintenance, and sale. 

Our properties are also developed with your comfort and convenience in mind. You will have access to world-class amenities and services that will make your ownership or stay unforgettable. 

View our portfolio of Cabo luxury real estate for sale. And, when it comes to finding the perfect vacation rental in Cabo, Del Mar is the only name you need to know. For more information about our luxury Cabo villas, email us at info@delmarloscabos.com or call us to speak with a Del Mar representative at 713-965-7551 in the United States or 52-624-144-5470 in Mexico. 


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