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Los Cabos may be known as one of the most beautiful places on the planet - and it is! - But it is also home to some of the best cuisine on Earth. Here, where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet, you'll find a world of options. From fish tacos to sushi, farm-to-table and fresh from the sea, Italian, Argentinian, elevated, and streetside, there is something for everyone. And, if you want an experience that’s more than simply great food, we have that, too. 

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Every locale has its traditional dishes, and Los Cabos is no different. The tide impacts the major ingredients, so fresh seafood is predominantly featured in the area. But you will be satisfied even if you're not a seafood lover. Cabo has a long history of cattle farming, so incredible steak and meat dishes are featured as well.

The diverse cultural influences in the area translate to wildly adventurous fare, but there are some traditional dishes that you must indulge in while you are here.

While these dishes are delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine, Los Cabos's food culture encompasses so much more. 

When going out to eat, choose from various farm-to-table restaurants with fresh-picked ingredients to seaside eateries with incredible views. Or if you prefer to stay in, you can have a private chef prepare whatever you want at your villa. No matter your preferences, the phenomenal head chefs of Los Cabos make splendid dishes to delight your gastronomic tastes. 

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Every price point and every palate can be accommodated with panache and style

Whether you're looking for an exquisite meal pairing Baja California's Valle de Guadalupe wines or craving a craft beer and cochinita pibil or al pastor tacos, your culinary journey will not be complete without a visit to some of these Cabo favorites. From the Pacific through the tourist corridor to the East Cape, let Cabo's expert mixologists and world-class chefs put a contemporary twist on some traditional favorites to tickle your taste buds!

There are so many choices to quench your thirst and satisfy your palate in Los Cabos! It's a culinary adventure from world-renowned chefs and beautiful settings to authentic casual dining and buckets of beer; beachfront dining or a desert setting, prepare to sated! If you still need help finding the best place to eat, talk to our Del Mar Concierge for more options!

Dining as an Art Form

The last decade has seen unparalleled growth in Baja California Sur, with Los Cabos as the focal point. With the introduction of high-end resorts, boutique hotels, and luxury residential communities, the clientele of a once-sleepy fishing village has ignited the flames of a gourmet cuisine revolution. The culinary scene has blossomed into a full-fledged foodie destination, making dining an art form.  

As extensive as the resorts that house the many high-end restaurants, the Los Cabos food scene is an exercise in beauty and indulgence. From five-star resorts to casual spots, extraordinary gastronomic experiences present themselves. While some familiar franchises can appease your appetite, many unique establishments are outstanding in their culinary accomplishments and afford stunning views and live music—truly a feast for all your senses. 

The most popular spots

Edith's: Born in a small town in Guererro, Mexico, Edith Jimenez moved to Cabo San Lucas in 1977 and worked at the restaurant that she would eventually buy and rename Edith's in 1994. This popular restaurant has all the flair and color of traditional Mexican restaurants and the legacy to prove itself. Land's End views, candlelight, and superb flavor have made this restaurant a continued favorite in Los Cabos. The Office, Las Tres Sirenas, La Pintada, and The Italian Job are within Edith's delicious restaurant group, all exploring distinct palettes with the same care as the signature restaurant.

Nicksan: Nicksan artfully blends the precision of traditional Japanese cuisine and culinary culture with Mexican cuisine's spicy personality and zest. The result is that Nicksan is the consistent winner of the best sushi restaurant in Los Cabos. With locations in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Nicksan is an easy decision for distinctive fish dishes. Don't skip their tuna tostada with Yellowfin tuna and slices of avocado on a rice cracker—simply delicious!

If you are looking for the WOW experience

One of these romantic restaurants will fit the bill:

El Farallon boasts a private tunnel entrance to the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. "Ocean-to-table" fare is served in one of the finest restaurants, with the most unique location carved into the cliffside on the Pacific side of the peninsula.

Comal sits upon the Sea of Cortez at the Chileno Bay Resort and Residences, offering a memorable contemporary beachfront restaurant experience. Fresh fish ceviche and the Raw Bar are house specialties with a new take on the seafood tradition. Expert mixology, live music, and fire features make this an excellent location to enjoy the sea breeze and the sunset.

Manta at The Cape, A Thompson Hotel, overlooks the secluded Monuments surf beach and serves cuisine from one of Mexico City's premier head chefs, Enrique Olvera. "Our name has a thoughtful double meaning: a manta ray symbolizes the kitchen's focus on seafood, while manta, the Spanish word for canvas, conveys the idea of freedom in artistic expression."

The farm-to-table restaurant experience is on point in Los Cabos

Our favorites are:

Flora's Field Kitchen at Flora Farms offers a seasonal menu based on sustainable, healthy meal options. Supreme outdoor dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with live music, craft cocktail bar, pizzeria, ice cream cart, and farm store. Cooking classes are also a fun, hands-on experience to pick and prepare your meal.

Acre Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, originally a restaurant, is now a resort with the first "treehouse hotel" in Los Cabos. Open for lunch and dinner with the most innovative fare, Acre is incredibly flexible to accommodate any food allergy or eating preference for a "relaxed and refined... dining experience."

No trip to Mexico is complete without tacos!

Traditional to gourmet, we love:

Las Guacamayas because it is a classic. Family-friendly, reasonably priced, and delicious! The casual restaurant atmosphere is fun and authentic, with an extensive menu of molcajetes, shrimp cocktails, stuffed potatoes, and many varieties of tacos. It feels like you are part of the family here, located in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

La Lupita Taco and Mezcal is the hot spot for delicious tacos! Try a tasting flight of world-class mezcal followed by your choice of gourmet tacos. Ordered singly, you can mix and match the flavors, with something for everyone's tastes. There are outdoor restaurant locations in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo; get there early (reservations recommended) and stay for the awesome live music on an elevated stage. It's a wonderful boisterous atmosphere and relaxed fun! Indulge in the cheese crust, pastor tacos!

  • Mexican Chocolate Clams

    Be prepared for a mouthful! These giant clams get their name from the chocolate hue of their smooth shells. Los Cabos chefs excel in preparing this dish with different sauces and spices to create an authentic taste pleaser. One of the few places in the world where these shellfish thrive, they are a must-try while in Los Cabos. 

  • Smoked Marlin

    The best way to enjoy this fish is fresh, caught by hand after a successful fishing trip! Often, you will find marlin shredded and smoked, not only to preserve but also to enhance the flavor of the meat. It is hard to beat smoked marlin tacos or quesadillas, but this fish picks up flavor and is enjoyed in many other styles. Ask your chef to surprise your taste buds with their signature marlin dish.

  • Comida de Pobres

    The ‘food of the poor’ is anything but with its hearty texture and rich flavors. This popular Mexican dish is a staple in Los Cabos. It is a tasty seafood soup laden with beans and Mexican rice and served with flour tortillas. It is easy to prepare, with local seafood and vegetables, which historically made it a great dish for large families. 

  • Tamales

    Tamales are a traditional Mexican food that everyone knows and one of the most emblematic dishes from southern Mexico. Chicken tamales fajados are corn dough stuffed with seasoned, stewed chicken, and wrapped in a corn husk. Guemes tamales are either chicken or pork and include olives, raisins, and olive oil in corn dough and wrapped in a corn husk. These authentic Mexican recipes can be enjoyed at almost any restaurant or street food stand in Los Cabos. 

  • Pitahaya

    This fruit is a local favorite, and you can find it in most fruit stands. The arid desert landscape is fertile ground for pitahaya cactus, and its fruit is a treat. Also called dragonfruit, the deep pink meat has a sweet flavor unlike anything you have ever tasted. It is a wonderful addition to smoothies or can be enjoyed raw, candied, crystalized, marzipan, or jams.

  • Baja Tacos

    Look no further for a Los Cabos classic! Traditionally, these tacos use a mix of battered fish for their filling, topped with pico de gallo salsa or coleslaw. Shrimp tacos are great for beginners. However, some palates may enjoy any of the myriad combinations of seasoning, grilled, with cheese, veggies, or guacamole to give it an extra-memorable taste. Served fresh is the best! 

  • Carne de Res

    When the Jesuits tried to settle the Baja peninsula in the 16th century, they brought plants and livestock with them, beginning the long history of cattle farming in Los Cabos. Quality meat and many different preparations, such as Carne de Res, can be found in almost all restaurants and street stands. Look for expertly seasoned and artfully served tomahawk steaks, arrachera, beef tacos, machaca, and empanadas.

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