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Del Mar Los Cabos

Located within the exclusive Del Mar Los Cabos community, Casita 32 is a beacon of opulence and tranquility, capturing the essence of a luxury vacation rental. With its picturesque setting and meticulously crafted interiors, this residence offers an unparalleled escape for travelers seeking an extraordinary retreat in Los Cabos. 

Unveiling Casita 32 

Starting at $2,750 per night, Casita 32 is a retreat that encapsulates the essence of Los Cabos’s allure. This four-bedroom, four-bathroom sanctuary offers mesmerizing ocean panoramas framed by lush foliage and an inviting infinity pool that basks in perpetual sunshine. The residence has recently been renovated and exudes sophistication with rich chocolate wood adorning both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Exquisite Design and Entertainment 

Step into an ambiance of refined elegance where the outdoors seamlessly merges with meticulously crafted interiors. From the infinity pool overlooking Palmilla Bay to the private access leading to expansive terraces from the upstairs bedrooms, every corner invites relaxation and indulgence. Outdoor amenities include a bar, dining area, spa, and fire pit — creating an enchanting space for entertainment under the stars. 

w-casita-32-2Convenience and Exclusivity 

Strategically situated near downtown San José del Cabo, Casita 32 offers more than just luxurious comfort. It allows convenient access to a plethora of attractions, from upscale dining to shopping extravaganzas, art galleries, and essential medical facilities. Further, its thoughtful design ensures a private and exclusive experience for guests seeking solace and sophistication. 

Seamless Opulence 

The villa boasts an array of amenities to elevate the stay to unparalleled heights. Revel in an indoor/outdoor sound system, HDTV, a golf cart for exploration, Wi-Fi, and daily housekeeping, ensuring a flawless and indulgent experience. Moreover, the rate encompasses the luxury of daily chef service for breakfast or lunch, catering to guests’ culinary desires. 

The Essence of Del Mar 

Casita 32 is nestled within the prestigious enclave of Del Mar, where luxury and serenity converge. Del Mar's legacy transcends mere accommodation—it embodies a narrative steeped in more than a 25-year history of friendship and visionary craftsmanship. 

Ron Hatfield and Ken Schnitzer, the visionaries behind Del Mar, were drawn to the awe-inspiring vistas that grace this haven, birthing an unparalleled community that has welcomed only a select few hundred homes. 

Embrace the Del Mar Lifestyle 

The ultimate luxury at Del Mar Los Cabos is the seamless integration of affinity and belonging. Experiences by Del Mar ensure that every aspect of your rental is meticulously prepared, allowing you to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the privileged few who call this haven home. 

Enriching Your Cabo Experience 

Beyond the confines of Casita 32 and the Del Mar community, Cabo beckons with an array of experiences awaiting exploration. From indulging in the vibrant culinary scene to embarking on thrilling adventures like deep-sea fishing, golfing at world-class courses, or simply unwinding on pristine beaches, Cabo offers an eclectic blend of activities catering to every discerning traveler’s desires. 

Discovering Cabo’s Splendor: Things To Do 

You will never run out of things to do in Los Cabos. 

  • w-palmilla-beach-house-1Nature’s tapestry: Baja’s allure lies in its diverse wildlife. Encounter sea lions, turtles, dolphins, whales, and an array of bird and desert species thriving in this captivating landscape. Plan a rendezvous with these natural wonders to immerse yourself in their habitats. 
  • Culinary journey: Savor the richness of Baja’s culinary scene, which encompasses everything from signature seafood dishes to innovative Mexican classics. Experience exceptional dining featuring fresh ingredients and unparalleled ambiance. 
  • Coastal retreat: Explore miles of swimmable beaches, perfect for surfing or tranquil relaxation. From the Pacific’s dramatic waves to the serene Gulf of California, embrace the coastal charm and bask in the serenity of the coast. 
  • Landmarks and history: Witness Isla Espiritu Santo’s breathtaking beauty, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Delve into the historic tales of Los Cabos, a region steeped in a rich heritage, and marvel at El Arco, a natural wonder marking the divide between oceans. 

Final Thoughts on Luxury Vacation Rental With Del Mar 

Casita 32 within the Del Mar community captures the ideal luxury vacation experience. This property promises an unrivaled experience amidst the allure of Los Cabos. Elevate your travels and savor the experience that awaits within this exclusive enclave by staying with us temporarily or considering ownership of a luxury villa at Del Mar, where every moment resonates with elegance and tranquility. Experience the epitome of luxury. Experience Casita 32 at Del Mar Los Cabos. 

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Date Published: March 13, 2024

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